COV-19: Is the packaging industry still concerned about sustainability?

The biggest trend set to be centre stage of 2020 was sustainability. The start of the year saw packaging news overruled by sustainability and how it affects the environment.

Various packaging companies were converting to Eco-friendly alternatives to help stabilise our environment. Issues and debates were arising on plastic packaging and its waste and the substitute being discussed was Biodegradable packaging.

Once the Covid-19 outbreak became a global pandemic, broadcasts began shifting away from sustainability and towards the virus and its impact on the world. Sustainability took a back seat whilst our concerns became the virus and how to prevent the spread in order to save lives.

The question over how Covid-19 is transmitted is one that has caused a lot of debate over the packaging industry.

Not to mention, finding people to run your production lines these days has become a big issue.

According to article Covid-19: Has the packaging industry forgotten about sustainability? By Jessica Paige, some studies suggested that the virus can be passed on through cardboard and plastic. To address this issue Supermarkets then started increasing their use of single-use materials to wrap products, like fruit and vegetables. In March, Packaging experts were discussing whether plastic should be classified as essential or not and many believed that they should be essential to ensure safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. This began the debate on if this pandemic had put a stop on the war against plastic packaging.

While sustainability isn’t currently on the forefront, we at DFC Packaging are still working on tactics to provide our consumers with more sustainable alternatives. We want to ensure our efforts are always ongoing to help better the environment.

Tenaya Martin