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Our Packaging Services and Support team are available to fully support you 24/7. Of course, this includes a full admin team and engineering team to keep your business running at its optimum production capacity.

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Packaging Product innovation and product development

By and large, the packaging industry in Australia is constantly evolving. In effect, we need to ensure that we look ahead to keep up with the demands and trends.


Therefore at DFC we focus on developing products by leading research and development. Through quality and continuous improvement, we place a high emphasis on offering superior product innovation.

Our investment today will benefit and secure our long-term goals and business growth.


We at DFC pride ourselves in providing a top-class service, ensuring we supply your business with great product and a competitive price.

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Maintenance and servicing of packaging equipment

Through 30 years of providing packaging machinery into the industrial manufacturing market place our machinery division has built a reputation for supplying a range of reliable equipment that is competitively priced.


This fact has built us a loyal customer base where we have become the preferred supplier to the numerous customers that we have supplied equipment too.


Our aim is to be the first company people think of when looking for new equipment. We specialise in complete turnkey projects and offer a full servicing back up of our customers equipment.


Our engineering team are fully equipped with the skills to ensure your business runs at its optimum capacity continuously

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Continuous Training and customer support

DFC Packaging continuously look for ways to improve its offerings to the manufacturing base in Australia. This includes all facets of our business. From the wide range consumable products, thru to the advancement in technology we use in our machinery range we strive to improve.


From our leadership down to the production floor, we are a company who believe that our job is not complete until we see your machinery running at its optimum capacity.


On the whole, our job is to get your job done.

How can we help you?

Looking for a reliable packaging specialist? Our company provides special incentive programs for regular customers.

About our services
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As a result of our 3 decades of packaging services, DFC are leaders in the field. Consequently hundreds of our clients trust our service and support, to back up their daily business needs.

Given these points, the team at DFC Packaging take an enormous pride in working with our customers, to achieve the very best results.

Overall all aspects of the industry covered by our team of packaging experts. Between our packaging machine engineers and team of film and sleeve specialists, the best service in Australia is certain.