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Our Packaging Services
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As a result of our 3 decades of packaging services, DFC are leaders in the field. Consequently hundreds of our clients trust our service and support, to back up their daily business needs.

We take an enormous pride in working with our customers, to achieve the very best results. As such, DFC assure the highest standard of Packaging Services in Australia.

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Packaging Services

Maintenance and servicing of packaging equipment

Through 31 years of providing machinery into the packaging industry, our Machinery Division has built a reputation for supplying reliable equipment and providing our customers with first rate servicing of machinery.


We offer monthly to yearly servicing of all our equipment at a competitive price with an engineering team that are fully equipped with the skills to ensure your business runs at its optimum capacity continuously.

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DFC Servicing Department
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Continuous Training and customer support

We are a company who believe that our job is not complete until we see your machinery running at its optimum capacity.


Our Machinery team go onsite to provide training and support to all our customers and their production teams to ensure they are confident and ready to run in production.


Our aim is to be the first company people think of when looking for new equipment and for all their servicing needs, whilst knowing they will be provided the upmost quality of service every time.


Please call our head office to speak to our Machinery Division and book in a service today.

Our Film Operations

Our facilities include a large in-house slitting and converting area with the ability to slit, perforate and centre fold to suit specific customer requirements.

Ready to customise your packaging? Within our packaging services , we can also assist in local printing up to 8 colour flexographic print.


More about our Packaging Services

Contact us today to speak to our Printing specialists to personalise you’re packaging.

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