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About Us

DFC Packaging are a qualified team of experts offering flexible packaging solutions. With this in mind, we offer equipment ranging from carton tapers to full production lines. Not to mention, we have the packaging film and products to complete the whole packing process. Call us the’ One stop shop’ for all your packaging needs.


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Our Services

Packaging Product Innovation & Development
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Maintenance & Servicing of Packaging Equipment
Continuous Training & Technical Support

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Since our opening, we have been supplying a broad range of Packaging machinery units into the Australian Manufacturing base. In fact, all our equipment has been market proven for reliability and performance.

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DFC offer a selected range of Processing Equipment. In fact, we can provide complete weighing and packing line solutions. Especially to meet various customised requirements.

Carton Erecting Machine

We offer a variety of Materials Handling Equipment. So we deliver a complete range of Conveyers, Labellers and various machines. All to suit your requirements.

Packaging Company Specialist

DFC Packaging Suppliers have a Packing Films division. This includes a flexible range of packaging film and products to fulfil your packaging requirements.

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DFC Packaging (Sleeves) PTY LTD are the market leader in supplying Decorative Sleeves, Tamper Evident sleeves, Multi pack shrink wrap and associated equipment since 1997.


Manufactured to high levels of strength and rigidity, our Smooth Wall trays & lids are the ideal packaging choice for meat packaging, ready meals, poultry packaging and many more.


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What's new?

JS Automation Partnership

JS Automation Partnership

Benefits of a Full Production System

Benefits of a full production system

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    Contact us

    • VIC office: 03 9701 2000
    • 22 Summit Road, Noble Park, Victoria 3174
    • NSW Office: 02 8886 2450
    • 22B Hanson Place, Eastern Creek, NSW, 2766